I’m going to print this off and stick it all over my house until I learn to stop being such a pie and get back to the gym 😭🔫

P.s it’s 4pm and I’m still drunk.

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A customer at work is a mortician and she told me that they have to drain all the blood out of the dead bodies and fill them with chemicals to preserve them so when the bodies get cremated they just explode because of all the crap in them. Jeez.

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Booked a log cabin in Sherwood Forest with a wood burner and a hot tub for Mike’s birthday how am I going to wait until January to tell him I’m so excited I want to chew off my arm

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Can’t ever sleep.

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Sometimes I wish I could fuck everything off and go traveling
I think I might always be in some kind of love with you. F. Cabanes   (via accumulatio-artemis)

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